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We value your privacy

Terms of Service

  • The user agrees to the Privacy Policy below
  • The user agrees to the Cookie Policy below
  • Quickpush allows the user to transfer end-to-end encrypted data.
  • Quickpush does not guaratee any availability of the service.
  • Quickpush is not accountable for any transfered data or harm caused by it. This also applies if the encryption is broken.
  • It is not allowed to use Quickpush to transfer illegal content. If the sending device is in a different country than the target device the user must not send data illegal in any of these countries.

Privacy Policy

To provide the Quickpush service we use Google Firebase services. Google is a processor under the European Data Protection Law.

The following services are used:
  1. Firebase Hosting
  2. Cloud Firestore
  3. Cloud Functions for Firebase
  4. Firebase Authentication

Data stored

  • A UserID is generated and potentially reused between sessions. UserIDs get deleted after a maximum of 30 days of inactivity.
  • IP addresses are stored by Google for a few weeks
  • Any data submitted by scanning the QR code is transferred end-to-end encrypted and deleted after a maximum of 6 hours.

Cookie Policy

  • Quickpush stores a cookie when the user agreed to the terms of service.
  • Google stores several cookies required to carry out the data transfer.
  • Optional cookies are stored for ad customization if the user agrees to it.

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