Send files from your phone to desktop

Push pictures, videos, links or other files from your smartphone directly to your laptop.

How to send files from your smartphone to your laptop?

  1. Download the Quickpush app
  2. Choose the images, links or other files you want to share from your phone.
  3. Click on the share icon and choose Quickpush
  4. Scan the QR code and your files will automatically download to your PC

No account necessary. 100% end-to-end encrypted. Compatible with Mac and Windows.


Quickpush is fast

Cross-functional: Push images from your iPhone to Windows and vice versa (coming soon)

No matter if you are using an Android phone or prefer iPhones - we got you covered. With Quickpush you can send files from your iPhone to a Windows PC as well as from an Android smartphone to a Mac. 100% free*, 100% easy.
* Your internet provider may charge for data transfer.

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Share websites

Flexible file sharing: Websites, pictures, videos, documents and many more

You are reading a news article on your phone and would rather see it in your laptop browser? You took some amazing new shots with your phone camera and want to edit the images on your PC? You are with your mates and want to show them a YouTube video on a screen that is bigger than your smartphone? No problem - all of this is now easier than ever! With Quickpush you can share any files you want to any desktop immediately.

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Quickpush is secure

Safe and secure: We keep your data safe with end-to-end encryption

Everything you share will only be seen by yourself and no one else. We store the files sent via Quickpush only as long as necessary and guarantee 100% end-to-end encryption for every file transfer. To share your files with Quickpush you don’t even need to create an account in the app so we are not collecting sensible data either.

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Transfer your files in 4 easy steps

Choose what to send Share with Quickpush Scan QR code on receiving device Files are transferred automatically

Get Quickpush for Android

Quickpush works with all major browsers, enabling you to receive your files on desktop or mobile. Download the Android app now to send your photos. iOS coming soon!

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